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October 4, 2023

Adam Oliensis, Chief Trader

  • 21st Century Single Stock Futures Editor

  • The Agile Trader

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Adam Oliensis has been the Chief Trader for 21st Century Single Stock Futures since September, 2003. Using the trading methodologies he has refined and perfected for stocks over the past 8 years, Oliensis has pioneered trading in these exciting new leveraged instruments and achieved stellar success. Trading gains for subscribers have, over the past year, amounted to 270% using SSFs with subscribers’ portfolios enjoying a gross total return of 118% in that time.

Adam came to 21st Century in May of 2002, publishing a daily trading letter, The Agile Trader. In that forum he developed and refined his technical studies and trading methodologies, many of which he shares with you on this site. As author and editor of The Agile Trader the last 12 months (Sep ’03 through August ‘04) have brought subscribers more than 70% in trading gains (38% in gross total return using his asset-allocation model) while the S&P 500 has gained just 10% and the Nasdaq has seen virtually no net gain or loss.

In 2001 Adam became the author and editor of The Technical Strategist, a thrice-weekly stock-trading letter. During his 8-month tenure at The Technical Strategist his recommendations netted his subscribers 120% in trading profits.

Adam began developing his trading strategies in 1996. He has been a full-time independent trader since 1997. While the end of the bull market wiped out many of his trading colleagues, Oliensis adapted his methodologies to work in any market environment…to take what the market was giving him.

Adam continues to push the envelope in Technical Analysis, exploring and researching how best to analyze and understand what the market is trying to say and what it is trying to hide. His goal is to help you, the individual investor, gain a better understanding of the market, and to profit from that understanding. Toward that end Adam has co-written our online course on Technical Analysis with Dan Hassey. Look for the more extensive book version, coming soon.

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