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October 4, 2023
"Welcome to our Online Options Course.  I'll show you how to use options to rack up the profits of $10,000, $50,000, $90,000."

"Courses like this really sell for $5,000."


This course is very different from most you will find. While we cover numerous strategies in depth, we also provide you with details and helpful insights about options and how they work. What is the difference between the speed and directional qualities of an option? What does a wide bid-ask spread represent? Are options bad for the market? Once you understand all of these aspects of options, then you can really feel comfortable and put together trades that suit your needs. There are many fallacies and myths about options that we examine as well. Are covered calls really conservative? Is it better to trade options on volatile stocks? Do option sellers have an advantage?

Most courses just offer strategies; that's not enough knowledge to turn you loose into the options arena. That's like saying you understand how to play chess because you know how the pieces move. You need to understand how options work, how they're priced, trading mechanics, trading philosophies, and other aspects of options in order to be successful. This course brings all of these qualities together in one place. When you're done, we believe you'll know more about options than you ever could using any other course. And best of all, it's free!

Course Outline

Section 4 - Gearing Up For Trading continued.
Section 9 - Advanced Strategies & Topics.
Section 10 - Advanced Strategies & Topics continued.
Section 11 - Advanced Strategies & Topics continued.

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