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Geoff Garbacz James DiGeorgia

Weekly Update

#269: Thu 9/6/2018 3:45 PM EDT
Latest Thoughts & Game Plan For The Fall

This year we have booked seven winners and taken one loser. Statistically, we were due to get a trade wrong. Seven winners and one loser is an 88% batting average. Our historical batting average is 79% so we are right where we want to be, actually a little better. The total return is 162.75%. So the per trade return is 20.34% and the average winner is 21.48%. Expect to see us pick up the action in September as volatility appears to be on as we move from summer to fall trading.


Latest Alerts

#401: Mon 9/24/2018 1:47 PM EDT
New Reco In SPY

We are going to play the S&P 500 via SPY. We will buy ~more~

#400: Tue 9/18/2018 12:09 PM EDT
Lock In IWM Calls

We are going to lock in the calls on the iShares Russell 2000 (IWM) October $169 Call that was trading at $2.95 and is now at $3.27 for a rise of $0.32 or 10.80%. IWM was at $170.03 and is now at $170.62. ~more~

Daily Playbook

#516: Sun 9/23/2018 6:41 PM EDT
The Week Ahead Sees The Federal Reserve Announce Another Rate Hike

The S&P 100 and Dow Jones Industrial Average were higher for the week while the NASDAQ 100 and Russell 2000 were lower. The Big Picture [monthly bias] for the NASDAQ 100, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Russell 2000 and the S&P 100 remain positive.